Connecting to the Caregiver Market:
        Engaging       Promotional      Edu-tainment

First, what is this HUGE caregiver market? It is over 43 million persons with purchasing power for family members with health challenges, disabilities or other limitations. Connecting to the Caregiver Market allows companies to promote their products and services to patients and caregivers while simultaneously engaging them with an enjoyable time away from their responsibilities. Adaptive equipment manufacturers; senior housing facilities; and producers of health supplies can all benefit by introducing products and services that can help the patient and the family caregiver.
Connecting to the Caregiver Market, combines entertainment with marketing through education.  Choose from comedians, magicians, or ventriloquists to entertain your audience as well as nationally-recognized experts who transfer practical information and subtly integrates your messaging.
Connecting to the Caregiver Market provides an unique opportunity to test concepts and creative treatments through the use of online and in-person caregiver research panels.
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An engaging educational experience that promotes your services and programs!

2 hours + 2 experts =
Stress Reduction & Conversions

30 Minutes – Networking
30 Minutes – Education/Your message
30 minutes – Entertainment
30 Minutes – Audience engagement

*Timing adjusted per audience


Your company selects the presentation subject from a comprehensive list of topics.  Learning happens in an atmosphere of interaction and participation.  The presentation offers opportunities for caregivers to share their experiences with each other and express their deepest feelings. Needs are identified by the audience and your product or service is offered as a possible solution. This is a very effective soft-sales approach that converts prospects into customers.


Who doesn't enjoy a good laugh!  All performers are "clean comedians" who entertain until you fall over laughing. The show relieves tension. For many, it is one of a few occasions where they can laugh freely.  A relaxed prospect is more interested in learning about what you have to offer!

A Word From
Satisfied Customers

The sessions went very well...The audience enjoyed Shirley's routine (comedian) and was still talking about it after it was over...The Forums went well also.  The expert (Angela) was excellent in providing advice, tips... They really enjoyed her personal stories.  There were conversations in the ladies room about the Forum.  Kim, Washington,DC*

Willie did a nice job with sharing personal stories that brought it all together and didn't make it feel like a misplaced piece of entertainment. Appreciated the speaker...she was able to speak through a caregiving lens while facilitating the event. She got the attendees to interact and warm up. Sara, Indianapolis, IN*

Kent is hilarious.  I really enjoyed his routine.  I haven't laughed that much in quite some time... The speaker was very knowledge and did an excellent job. Simon, Las Vegas*

*References available upon request.

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