CARE Act Readiness:
                                   Engaging Patient Compliance      

According to AARP, by the end of December 2015, 18 states had passed the CARE (Caregiver Advise, Record, Enable) Act and five additional state legislators were considering passage. The CARE Act requires hospitals  to identify, support and train family caregivers by:
       - Recording the family caregiver's name in the patient's                      medical  chart
       - Advising the family caregiver when the patient is being                    transferred or discharged
       - Enabling family caregivers by providing education about the          medical tasks he or she will need to perform for the patient            at home
                                        THIS IS HUGE.  
CARE Act Readiness Consultants offers your team a number of strategies to assess your readiness, establish operational plans, engage caregivers in fun yet impactful ways, create partnerships with local caregiver organizations, train your discharge planners and nurses and much more !  With the CARE Act Readiness services, your institution will improve quality of patient care and reduce unnecessary readmissions.
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An engaging educational program!

Caregiving Experts

Angela Heath is a nationally-recognized gerontologist, thought leader and lecturer.  For over twenty years, she has provided speaking and training services, focus group research, materials development and award-winning program design.  Not only is Ms. Heath known for her engaging and colorful presentations, she is a competent trainer who far exceeds her teaching objectives.  

As a pioneer on caregiving issues, she has worked with a wide spectrum of companies such as AARP, the Epilepsy Foundation, DC government, Marriott Corporation, Pulmonary Hypertension Association, Harris, Rothenberg International, etc. In addition, she has won a number of awards for clients such as the Hackfest 2015 Bronze Award, ClearMark award for plain language, n4a Aging Innovations Award, Archstone Award for Excellence in Program Innovation, NPS Thinkers Award, and the National Library Association Top 10 Books in Aging Award. 

Additional consultants are assigned to accounts as required.


A Word From
Satisfied Customers

The Forums went well.  The expert, Angela, was excellent in providing advice, tips... They really enjoyed her personal stories.  There were conversations in the ladies room about the Forum.  Kim, Washington,DC*

We appreciated the speaker...she was able to speak through a caregiving lens while facilitating the event. She got the attendees to interact and warm up. Sara, Indianapolis, IN*

The speaker was very knowledgable and did an excellent job. Simon, Las Vegas*

*References available upon request.

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